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About Sister Clara Mohammed
STEM  Resource Center Staff

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 Ameen Yasir Mohammed

Ameen Yasir Mohammed
(Founder and Administrator)

About Ameen Mohammed

Ameen became a public school teacher in 1989, author in 1993, and licensed real estate broker in 1996. He joined The Nation of Islam in 1974 under the leadership of The Honorable Elijah Mohammed, then became an ardent and loyal follower of his son, Imam W. Deen Mohammed. While a college student (1975-1982),  Ameen organized speakers and Imams to come from Los Angeles to the college campus lectures to the students and teachers. In 1980, this effort culminated with Imam W. Deen Mohammed visiting and lecturing to the entire CSUN campus community along with World Boxing Champion, Muhammad Ali accompanying him.


When Imam W. Deen Mohammed wanted to petition Pope John Paul for a talk about racial images in religion, Ameen collected the most signatures (1100) from students and teachers who agreed with the petition.

He also became very disenchanted with the Afrocentric movement's constant verbal attacks on Imam Mohammed, the Qur'an, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and our religion, Al-Islam.  So he wrote a book about it and he responded to the critices falsifications and half-truths with truth. The book was called,  "Afrocentricity, Minus Al-Islam, Cheats...Exposing the Conspiracy to Rob African Americans of Their Most Precious Heritage."


Mr. Mohammed volunteered to produce radio shows for Stevie Wonder's Front Page morning show, and he facilitated Muslims coming into the studio to give Dawah to Southern California listening audiences.

In the business world, he worked closely with the federal Housing and Urban Development's Good Neighbor Next Door program and for several years he helped teachers, police officers and firemen to acquire homes at "half price." He retired from teaching in 2000, but decided to go back in 2007, due to the impact of the great real estate recession of 2008.


Why a Website Dedicated to STEM?   


A S.T.E.M. education curriculum for Sister Clara Mohammed students is the only way to teach and prepare our children for the future.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Science and Math is Almighty G-d Allah's divine way of allowing his creation to get a glimpse at how He put together His universe.  Through Allah's methodology, we are able to measure, calibrate, weigh, clock and observe things scientifically.  And this is the only way to prepare our children for the future.

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