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How About ...
A Muslim Youth for President

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You can be the next
President of the United States of America!

Can you, a young Muslim boy or girl be the next President of the United States? Why not? Of course you can! If an African American with a name like Barack Obama did it, you can too!

What does it take? Well, what did it take for President Obama to make it? Well, here are 5 things:

  1. A good education. President Obama is one of the most educated politicians in the country. He knew what he was talking about and that is why he explained things so well.

  2. Speak properly and carry yourself in a dignified way. President Obama learned to speak the English language very well. He dressed nicely, and he always maintained his dignity, even when being humorous.

  3. Meet and listen to the people. A good politician is not supposed to be a slick talker who only listens to those with money. Listen to the American people, all of us, and you will be better equipped to help your constituents.

  4. Work for the people and serve the people. The people will support one who sincerely is trying to represent their best interests and well-being.

  5. Hold on to your morality. Be a good and dignified example. That was one of the best qualities of President Obama. All sincere Americans, even those who disagreed with his policies, were not embarrassed by him.

I could say a lot more but I am sure you can take this a lot further than me. Have faith in Allah and in what HE has given you. You might be surprised at the help and blessings you receive.

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